What is ‘Jobs To Be Done’ – and should you apply it?

In the world of Experience Design (XD), Jobs To Be Done is becoming a popular topic. XD strategists promote it as a helpful tool to guide businesses to answer and identify their consumers’ needs. But what is Jobs To Be Done (JTBD) precisely, and how is it useful?   The theory behind JTBD  Every day you encounter a job that needs to be done. It can be big or small, from brushing your […]

Top 5 attributes of a caring remote culture

How to show you care for your people in times of social distancing? Our Strategy Director Joy shares the top 5 attributes we have amplified since the COVID-19 outbreak. In times of crisis opportunities open up to demonstrate how much you care for your colleagues and the teams you lead. 1. Facilitating a healthy and […]

5th Global Kentico MVP Award for Emakina’s David te Kloese

David te Kloese is once again awarded the 2020 Kentico Most Valued Professional (MVP) Award. He holds this honor for the 5th year in a row.  The Kentico MVP Award – what is it? Worldwide, only 13 people have been awarded as Global Kentico MVP this year, of whom two in The Netherlands. The Kentico […]

Top Salesforce Service Cloud expert joins Emakina

Emakina further increases its capacity to serve the Dutch and European service market by expanding its Salesforce Service Cloud offering. With the addition of experienced Salesforce Service Cloud Consultant Nathalie Galfrascoli to our team, this confirms our strong leadership in Salesforce Service Cloud implementations.

Emakina.NL starts B2B ecommerce department with Kees de Koning

We are happy to announce that Kees de Koning is hired as Practice Lead B2B eCommerce at Emakina.NL. Kees brings a lot of experience from the digital agency world. He previously worked at Backbase Academy over the last two and half years. Before that, he worked as Technical Director at Clockwork and Nomads Agency. Emakina […]

How to design kick-ass pages and products by simply asking some questions

Every company wants to design digital solutions with a rich UX. To do this, they need a thorough understanding of how people interact with technology and experience these solutions. As humans we are hardwired to spot certain patterns and responses in our surroundings. We use these responses and patterns when we are solving problems in our day-to-day life.   Digital solutions […]

How our Rapid Response Team lets you hit the ground running during this crisis

How can I repurpose my shopping staff now all my shops are empty?How do I get the stock from my stores to the customer?How do I get offline shoppers in my online shop at minimal cost? How can my Salesforce Clouds help in this crisis?How do I improve traffic and conversion today? The COVID-19 crisis is […]

Emakina creates new B2B webshop Bugaboo Business

Bugaboo, the iconic Dutch stroller brand, launches a new online platform for the B2B market: Bugaboo Business. As a digital partner, Emakina is responsible for the design and development in Salesforce B2B Commerce Cloud. With this new platform, Bugaboo addresses the need to serve small and medium-sized retailers quickly and safely. Renewed B2B e-commerce environment […]

Rituals.com takes home gold at the SpinAwards

Last week Rituals was announced as one of the 19 award winners that went home with a golden ring at the SpinAwards 2019. Rituals.com won in the category: E-Commerce, for the global redesign project. The award is a team achievement that was realized through the collaboration of the Rituals eCommerce team, AKQA (design) and Emakina […]

Emakina’s David te Kloese awarded as 2018 Kentico MVP

In case you missed it, our very own David te Kloese, Practice Lead Kentico at Emakina.NL, is recently awarded Kentico 2018 ‘Most Valued Professional’ (MVP) status. David is now one of only ten worldwide participants of the Most Valuable Professional (MVP) program of Kentico, supplier of a complete solution for CMS, e-commerce and online marketing. […]

Designing an experience for your entire ecosystem

Earlier this year, Emakina launched a DXD team to enhance our user-centric approach. Service design is a big part of the team’s offering. They create digital solutions that bring happiness to your user, and they also help your organisation to carry out this change. As today is Service Design Day, we grab the opportunity to […]

What Amazon’s arrival on the Belgian and Dutch markets is going to change

Amazon’s upcoming arrival on the Belgian and Dutch markets is going to stir the two countries’ commerce pot, making some of its ingredients obsolete and adding some new flavours to it. But what will all this change, practically, for users and especially for all the professionals involved in the commerce of goods, be it online or physical stores? Overview of this significant evolution and of the opportunities it presents to brands and distributors.

CaseDay19: celebrating excellence in building digital businesses

Emakina Group’s Caseday19 showed a mature organization uniting 19 offices, confident in serving top companies with high-end digital and marketing services across 3 continents. 24 cases were presented as part of a group award, honoring the almost 1,000 talents in the group executing about 2,000 projects each year.

The World Press Photo Foundation Chooses Emakina as a Digital Partner

  We are thrilled to announce that The World Press Photo Foundation has chosen Emakina.NL as partner to develop its new digital platform! We will create a new corporate website that fits the foundation’s full range of programs and digital ambitions. For six decades, the World Press Photo Foundation has been working from their office […]

Emakina & Jaeger-LeCoultre Win ‘Best of Web’ Innovation Award

Emakina and luxury watchmaker Jaeger-LeCoultre took home the prestigious ‘2017 Best of Web’ Innovation Award with the ‘On Your Wrist’ AR project. The jury presented Emakina the famous innovation Cube during a gala event in Lausanne. It praised the link between physical and digital as a means to bring an exciting new experience to life that […]

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