January 14, 2019

Emakina’s David te Kloese Honoured as Global Kentico MVP

Posted by Luc Malcorps

Congratulations to our colleague David te Kloese!

Emakina’s Kentico Lead David te Kloese is awarded the Kentico ‘Most Valued Professional MVP Award. He shares this honor with only 8 other experts worldwide. And what is more, David is part of that exclusive club  for the 4th year, a truly exceptional achievement.

Kentico is a global supplier of leading CMS, e-commerce and online marketing solutions. Emakina is a Kentico Gold Partner and has developed over 200 Kentico websites over the years. Its platform created for Segway Europe also won a “Kentico Site of the Year” award.

David te Kloese receives this MVP award for his remarkable commitment to Kentico’s community and for his top consulting in leveraging the integrated ASP.NET CMS, E-commerce, and Online Marketing platform. He is Kentico Practice Lead at Emakina in Amsterdam, and started with development on Kentico version 5.5 R2 in 2011.

David is enthusiastic:
“It’s a great honor to be part of this small group of amazing people.
Kentico has a multitude of features and you can easily extend and customize it to your needs. Their support team are always open to suggestions and ready to help, and the developer community across the globe is also vibrant and full of creativity. “

David is geek at heart, since childhood glued to his keyboard (and joystick). He started developing in high-school and continued to build online and offline applications ever since, for desktop, mobile and even calculators.
Next to writing articles for his blog, he’s active in the Kentico sphere on Twitter, LinkedIn and on the Q&A forum on Devnet, besides presenting at Kentico events and User Groups.

Help people achieve their goals

He concludes: ‘The thing we love best at Emakina is to help people achieve their goals. I love to intelligently deploy Kentico’s vast set of features to their full extent to make that happen.’

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