April 9, 2014

Yunomi, a great love story is ending

Posted by Luc Malcorps

One of the greatest Benelux success stories in social media of the last years is living its swan song. The award winning Yunomi community will cease activities end of April. Given the newest online trends, Unilever decided to steer its energy towards new projects and platforms, such as the Solo Open Kitchen, which offers a variety of recipes and cooking tips.

 In June 2009, Emakina launched the online platform ” Yunomi”, a tailor made website developed for Unilever Benelux.


This community participation platform and magazine proposed articles, recipes and practical advice for women. Now, after nearly five years of existence, Unilever decided to turn the page and retire the Belgian version of the site end of April 2014. Although Emakina already handed over its “baby” to the sole custody of Unilever in March 2013, a feeling of pride and nostalgia now invades our team at the announcement of the end of this pet project, for which we also won numerous awards together with our client.

 Flash back

In 2009 , Unilever Benelux sought to innovate its digital strategy. Emakina imagined an ambitious multi brand interactive platform, and our proposal seduced the Unilever team. They shared our excitement, and together the adventure started to bring the bold dream to life. June 2009, Yunomi was ready and opened up its gates as the forum for and by women. Success was almost immediate and exceeded all expectations – by far.


Five years later…

Yunomi exceeded the 400,000 member mark, combining the French and Dutch Belgian plaftorm members with those in the Netherlands. And the project did not go unnoticed either in the professional community. It amassed a string of awards at home and abroad, with – amongst others – local Marketing and Interactive Excellence Awards (Belgium) and Best of Customer Media Award (Netherlands) and international Mixx Awards (in 2010 and 2011) and at the prestigious Interactive Media Awards.

For and by women

Yunomi – let’s talk about the past – it was a site ” by women and for women” who spoke to and with the ‘digital mum’ (in charge of the family budget). She could read articles, browse for recipes and tips and discover the “Woman of the Day” interviews proposed by the editor.

But as importantly, all digital mums could post their own content and share their own ideas and opinions. The visitors regularly discovered new Unilever products and the original activations for them, with many fun competitions, discount vouchers, and much more. Yunomi members were also rewarded for their participation. When writing articles, recipes, comments, etc., they received loyalty points, the ‘Nomis’, to be exchanged each quarter for a gift.

Original initiatives also created a link between the online and the real women’s world, like the ‘Woman of the Year’ election, which not only mobilized many women, but also generated inspiring stories and attracted broad media attention.

But more than anything Yunomi was a real and lively online community where women found eachother: they exchanged recipes and tips, talked about their experiences and shared their opinions on Unilever products …


Benefits for Unilever

Yunomi perfectly expressed Unilever’s ‘vitality’ mission, encouraging women to be independent actors in their own life, enjoying life to the maximum.

This interactive multi brand platform allowed the company to achieve measurable results, while collecting continuous high value feedback from its consumers.

And it allowed Unilever to better understand the profile and purchase behaviour of its target audiences. In addition, Yunomi was an excellent starting point for better targeted marketing, using various very interesting data marketing management techniques. Finally, many Unilever brands discovered in Yunomi a great forum with a large audience to promote their products and create product placements in a logical and natural environment.


The Emakina agency is proud to have been able to implement such a fine long-term project. The Yunomi team has put all its heart in it and together with its client was excited it achieved such impressive results. This dynamic adventure truly demonstrated the extent of their competence, in terms of technology, content, strategy and management.

So it’s perhaps with a bit of a heavy heart for some that this story ends. But the happy memories remain. The site proved it could bring together women of all kinds, from different backgrounds and with multiple interests. And great friendships that were forged through Yunomi will last.

Heartwarming goodbyes…

Some of the comments posted by Yunomi fans were heartwarming…

 Thank you Yunomi… I enjoyed writing some articles myself and reading posts of other ‘Yunomi’s’. Some which became friends over time. These friends, I will continue to meet, …

* * *

I was a faithful reader of all the items on Yunomi, that in turn made me laugh, cry or moved me. I became a better cook through all the recipes and I was spoiled by the packages that I had pleasure to discover by collecting my Nomis. All the advice for my garden, on fashion and the many tips and tricks for everyday life … you  rocked these last 5 years. Yunomi …. is it really over? 1000 times thank you for all this. And ‘good luck’ to you all.

* * *

Yunomi… The website where I started blogging for the first time.  For me it was the perfect place to receive comments, positive and some negative, so I could learn. For me it was a perfect learning experience. Thank you!

* * *

Thanks a lot, team, for all you did/ shared/ offered/ put into Yunomi! How much I will miss you!

* * *

Thank you Yunomi for letting us discover many wonderful ladies… who learned us to be stronger thanks to their courage.


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