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March 1, 2016

Emakina creates mobile website for leading Union ACV-CSC

Posted by Luc Malcorps

ACV-CSC, Belgium’s number one trade union, asked Emakina to streamline its web communication and improve its digital contact with all stakeholders.
This complex SDL Tridion project makes for a fine web building case story.


The new ACV-CSC website successfully unites the interests
and content of no less than 38 very independent federations,
who now address all stakeholders with one united, coherent voice.

Mobilise the people with mobile

Today, an interesting new chapter is added to this story. To really serve and mobilise people today, you need to be a leader in mobile communication as well.
So Emakina added a first-class mobile version of the platform.


Now the audience can check news, background information and plenty of pages with valuable tailor-made work related content via any handheld device. The screens have a fresh and clean look, are easy to navigate at a touch, perfectly integrating photo and video material for a rich and very user friendly experience.

ACV_Home_VideoThe ACV-CSC mobile portal offers interesting video content

The mobile gateway for 1.7 Million members, activists and staff

Besides the general portal, the mobile website version also gives secured access to the union’s 1.7 million members, over 80,000 activists and 2,750 full time staff.

This way, they are online and on target at work, connected with their union, at work, on site, on the road, in the meeting or board room, or at home, with fast and accurate content on labour affairs and activities. An important feature for members is the immediate contact with their union office, for direct interaction and support.

This mobile development is part of Emakina’s on-going collaboration with ACV-CSC. And there is more to come, that will further confirm this union’s online role as a personal and efficient partner, delivering first-class integrated labour services and support.



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